Friday, September 25, 2009

Out of the office....

SHE is going out of town Friday and won't be back till Monday late. Which means.....I bet I get to sleep in the big bed on her side all weekend!!!!! YAY!! I mean, it's me and my Mr. Don't you think he's gonna let me snuggle all weekend? I gots him wrapped around my little paw. SHE is hosting a big old scrappy thingy at Disney through Sunday, then she and her peeps are gonna stay over for the Wine n Foodie Festival. She don't fool me....all this scrappy stuff is just an excuse to party all weekend with her girlie pals. And she's taking my PINK laptoppy so I may not get to check in till late Monday or maybe Tuesday. Ya'll have fun without me, I will be catching up on my beauty sleep in the big soft bed.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Asta-lischous!

Happy Barkday wishes to Asta...and I guess True Colors Thursday too, since the cake is yellow and blue?
I escapeded today! I shot out the front door and through the screen porch door and all they saw was my wheaten pantyloons flipping outta sight. Of course it was storming which made HER most upset. I even have a 10 foot drag line for just such emergencies and no one was able to snag it!!!! Liberated at last! Make me sleep in a dang crate and I'll show em! Jail Break!!!
I got distracted by the neighbors kitty and she almost got me. hahahaha....zoom zoom. Then I had to stop and tinkle and she almost got me again. The Mr. got the clicker and a bag of treats and I wasn't even tempted. I went under cars, behind hedges, across front porches, just laffin all the way. Finally, when I stopped in the middle of the road to take a dump, she managed to get her big ole foot on the end of my drag line and it has a wee knot so I wasn't able to pull it out from under her. Dratted.
Soaked to the skin, happy as a froggie in a pond....that was sooooo much fun!!! She was huffin n puffin so hard, the Mr was worried she have a heart attack. I guess she needs to start practicin wind sprints if she's gonna keep up with me!
Bonnie, the captured, still FREE in spirit!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Proper Butt Sniffing

Apparently I have been remiss in properly introducing myself. Lets start over. My name is Bonnie MacKinnon Love of Maitlands Kennel. I will be 2 years old in December. I live in Apollo Beach FL, on the bay south of Tampa. With Puffy the snitch. Wait. That's not his real name. You won't beleive what his real name's WOLVERINE. That's what happens when you let an 8 year old boy name you. How embarrasing. His name evolved from Pupster, to Poopster, to Pooper (which is also on his name tag.....snicker) to Puff. At least I get called Princess by the Mr. SHE calls me Thunder Butt. And I don't think she means it in a nice kind of way.

Now, about the bloggie name. It's one SHE had that she wasn't using. She would send emails to friends about once a month regaling them with what she called Bonnie Tales. One of her friends suggested she blog them. Since this bloggie already existed and was dormant, she just started using it and did not change the name as there are links on various spacey places and it was just too complicated to change. You'll notice at first she did the blogging from her point of view, but then noticed most everyone else blogged from their point of view, so now I gets to do the blogging.

So, Lacie, my middle name isn't Scrappy, although that is a good name for me as I am always scrapping her stuff into itty bitty bits. And I did add a bit of info to the profile for Max. He's so cute. It's a shame he's taken. And so far away.

Now for the Puffalump.....

This is Puffy the Ancient. He is 16.5 years old. Mostly blind, mostly deaf, mostly teefless, mostly grumpy all the time. He is a metrosexual guy. Bit HER once when he was young and lost his....well, you know, THAT part. He has resented me since my sweet little self showed up on the doorstep almost 2 years ago. He is a Malti-Poo. I'd put the emphasis on the poo part. Every now and then I try to drop kick him over the rainbow bridge, but he must have 9 lives or something. He was a bit unkind to me when I was a baby, and I haven't forgotten it yet. The only time I tolerate him in my space is when it's that special girly time, and then I'm just not picky. Any male will do as long as he's breathing.

I do apologize for not introducing myself properly all around. It's all HER fault. She wouldn't know how to do a proper butt sniffy if her life depended on it. Anyways, thanks for letting me be your friend. I've met so many interesting dogs here and really enjoy leaving notes for everyone.

Butt sniffies all around,
Bonnie, the wee Scottie

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm making up...

I've spent the last 2 days being a 'lapdog' ...(shudder). By my own choice even. Normally I avoid laps like Puffy avoids baths. Laps move. They're hot. Lumpy. They BOTHER me. I prefer my own space on the ottoman or the back of the sofa or the far end of the sofa or the other sofa way across the room.
But, I screwed up royally Thursday night. Normally I get to sleep in the king size bed with my peeps. I snuggle up to the Mr. and put the smelly end over near HER and occasionlly give her a shovey with my hind leggies. When SHE gets up around 3am for her noctornal bathroom run, I always zip over to her side and stretch out in front of her pillow where it's nice n toasty. Then when she comes back to bed, I put on my magic weight gain and instantly gain like 100 lbs, making it near impossible to move me back into the middle.
Well, Thursday....I just wanted to let her know it was MY spot dang I marked it...doggie style, right about where her ginormous rear would hit it when she came back. I seriously miss-judged the amount of drama that would cause. All the lights came on, snarling n growling commenced (from the Mr's side), name calling ...something like PEEPOT....little WITCH....(I think it was WITCH, coulda been a word that sounded like that too)...covers went flying all over the room, I went flying into my crate, doors slammed, the washy machine cranked was quite the event!
The next day SHE diss-ed me. Turned her back on me and wouldn't speak to me all day. Needless to say, my wee feelings were crushed. Friday night I snuggled up to the Mr. all evening hoping he would choose ME over HER. I sat on his lap, snuggled up on his chest. Gave him soft woofy kisses. It didn't help. I still spent the night in jail. Puffy snickered all night. He CHOOSES to sleep in his crate, but then his door isn't slammed shut n locked either.
So today, I've sat on HER lap. I never ever sit on her lap. She gets up n down all the time. But like the suck up I'm trying to be, everytime she plopped down, I crawled right up on her lap. At least she didn't toss me off (which I actually expected).

I'm just sayin'......sometimes....yah just grovel a little to get back in HER good graces. And hopefully back into the big bed. I think the jury is still out on that. I heard the Mr. say it took 3 times in the dryer to get the comforter dry. And he sounded a bit annoyed.
So I'm really pouring it on thick with HER. She's actually a softer touch than the Mr. I know I bothered her with my pitiful crying last night. She had to get up and get her IPOD to go to sleep.

If this doesn't work, I may need lock picking lessons so I can escape my crate.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looky what came in the mail!

It's addressed to me!
And it's from those fabulously special Wire Fox Terriers, Jake n Fergi!
I can't wait to open it!

What's in here?

A cute plaid blankie! Isn't it smashing?

Lots more pressies!!! Sure smells YUMMY!

How about helping me out here? The knot is tight. I need scissors.

A chew toy fit for a Princess! And it's in my fave color.....PINK!

Yummy yum....these are soooooooooo good!

See the wee Scottie? Isn't he cute? Chock full of nummies too!

Wrapped in my plaid. Do I look like a proper Highland Lassie?

Parking it on my new blankie. I've never had my OWN blankie before. Isn't it beautiful?

Thank you sooooooo much for my prize pressies.....I'm just sooooo happy with them. It's like a barkday party! Ya'll are just the most wonderful foxies in the world!
Hugs, woofies kisses and sniffies all around!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've been soooooo busy.....

....I got sooo tired, I fell asleep in my party dress. SHE had a big scrappy event this weekend, lots of class kits to help put together, lots of greeting people at the door, nummie nums dropped on the floor at lunch that had to be hoovered up, running around commenting on everyones layouts, looking in everyones bags to see what they brought, helping with ribbon just got soooo tiring, I had to take a beauty rest nappy. I'm so behind on all my friends, I can't wait to read about the exciting trip to see Max, and check up on all my UK friends. Later.....tonite....after a loooooong Sunday nappy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We remember.....

.....and will never forget.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just peeking in on everyone

I hope everyone has a wonderfull long weekend with their friends and family. Lots of yummie summer nummies like wally-melon, corn on the cob, dropped hot dogs and ice cream! We might be going to the beach later today if it doesn't rain. The Mr. said no more dog park until it dries up. White sand doesn't show up so bad in my furries. See ya'll soon!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Friend Friday

This is Puffy's best friend, Gator. He's a poop-too doggie. Schitzoo? Somethin' like that. When he comes over, they get silly and run around in circles and annoy the phooey out of me. Gator is intact and he likes to hump EVERYTHING! And for the record, when I'm not in the mood, I'm NOT IN THE MOOD! And I clamp my tail tight to my bum and sit on it. And if he doesn't STOP, I clamp my jaws of death around his scrawny little neck and sit on him. Eventually somebody notices he can't breath and rescues his scrawny little self. When a girl says NO, she means NO. Humph!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Please VOTE for Kira

Does that work? I'm not good at this.
Here is the URL just in case it's not clikky like it should be:

Today is the last day of voting. Please vote for Kira. She has very fluffy fanny furries.