Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waiting for Dad....a sixth sense.

For years, I thought Puff had extraordinary hearing. He would go to the door about 10 mintues before Dad came home and park by the front door. I thought maybe he had super hearing and could pick out the sounds of his car miles away. Never mind we live in a community subdivision and there are other cars, dogs, trucks, boats and noise all around. But still...you could almost start flinging the food on the table when he did this. Just like in the photo above. He's not wanting out....he's sitting quietly waiting.
Now, before you think, oh he's on a schedule....the Mr. doesn't work a normal schedule. He alternates 2 shifts and sometimes works late and other times has activities after work. And sometimes we swap vehicles.
Well, he got old and lost his hearing. And we got Bonnie and it was like he gave up his guard dog position of primary barker. But still....there he is....waiting by the door. How does he do it? I know this dog can't hear. The only sound he can hear is when Bonnie does this high pitched bark. I took this photo yesterday because he did it around 4pm-ish. And the Mr. walked in 15 minutes later. Very early for him. It's very very spooky.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I can stick my tongue out too!

I'm not much of a tongue hanging out kinda girl. I give soft woofy kisses, none of that disgusting tongue kissing like Puffes. But when I run, I let it hang out just a bit for cooling. Mom had to really look to find a tongue shot. She thought she'd have to stage it with peanut butter on my nose. Dratted. I actually like peanut butter on my nose. Slurpy yumm.


Who knew a bone would cause so much Trouble....with a capital T!
When Bonnie was at the vet last week, we were discussing the variety of undesirables she puts in her mouth. The vet suggested we get a very large rawhide chew. We had never allowed her to have rawhide chews as she would consume the smaller size almost immediately. Normally we only let her have nylabones, kong balls, tennis balls and stuffed toys without dangley legs that can be ripped off. The vet said she should chew on a large bone for 1 to 2 hours a night, then pick it up and put it away. Sounds good.
We got the bone and she knew it was hers when we walked in with it. She immediately grabbed it and headed for a corner in another room. Puffers walked by to see what the excitement was all about. He hasn't been interested in chew toys for over a decade. She jumped him from across the room. It was a good thing I was standing there and got them separated. Puffers got a good bite on his back. She normally doesn't care about her other chew toys so this was a surprise to all of us.
She LOVES this bone. She puts her whole body into chewing on it. And she hasn't been interested in chewing up other things since she got it. That's the good part. The bad part is the only place we can think to put this behemoth is on top of the fridge. Well, they eat their dinners in the kitchen. Now she has to protect the bone even though it's on top of the fridge. Meal times have been stressful.
The real challenge came yesterday. We've been taking the bone up after about an hour with no problems. Yesterday, barefooted (my normal footwear...none) I went to pick up the bone and she jumped at me! Whoa! Bad plan sister. I had to find shoes. Then calmly walk in and 'claim' the bone. First I put one foot on it. And waited to see if she backed off. Of course not! Everything a Scottie claims, is theirs forever. So I put the other foot on the bone, down on the end where she had been chewing. I just stood there and waited. And waited. Finally after 10 minutes she turned her head. She never actually moved back, but she did turn her head. I was then able to pick up the bone and put it away. Leave it, watch me, back.....none of that worked. She was totally focused on the bone.
It doesn't help that it's 'girl time' ....I'm sure her hormones aren't helping. For now the bone is on the fridge. Tomorrow we'll work with her. Let her chew the bone while we hold one end. We'll remove it every 5 minutes or so to in force that the bone is ours to share. We've picked up all her toys and have been handing them out for short play and then putting them up again. Since it's girl time, we can't take her to the dog park or walk her near home. Well, we could, but every boy dog in the neighborhood winds up in the front yard! We usually put her in the car and take her to another street for a walkies. Better that she leave that luscious girly smell somewhere else.
I've felt the same way about chocolate during 'girl time'......try and take my Snickers away and you're gonna draw back a nub mister! Don't be getting between me and my stress relief!
ps....I have no idea why sometimes I can successfully do paragraphs and sometimes I can't. I'm such a dweeb.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today, right now, this minute...a snapshot of time.

A picture to share...

TODAY June 24th, 2009

Outside my window... The wind is picking up and blowing all the leaves down the street AWAY from my yard. YAY. It was yard work pick up day, and we had trimmed the oak tree. Now I won't have to rake up the leaves!!!
I am thinking... that it's been a long time since I had a do-nothing, go-nowhere vacation.
I am thankful for... air conditioning in Florida!
From the kitchen... last night I made bannana pudding for us and 2 sets of neighbors. The recipe is large, more than we can eat, so I share the love.
I am wearing... jeans and ladies version of a golf shirt, no shoes.
I am creating... a mini scrapbook with chipboard, felt and transparent pages. Lots of bling. Cute so far.
I am going... nowhere fast, unless you count work. Or maybe going on a walkie with the critters.
I am reading... the Vince Flynn 'Rapp' series...I think there are 10 or 12 of these. Page turners.
I am hoping... the doggies get better soon. I'm tired of cleaning up accidents and staying up with them at night.
I am hearing...the sound of gulls outside and somebody whimpering for dinner inside. FEED ME!
Around the house... my paper work is out of hand. But the laundry is clean and stacked in baskets but not put up.
One of my favorite things...right now...in the heat...ICE CREAM!!
A few plans for the rest of the week... work on scrapbooking class, catch up bills, sleep...oh...and do some house cleaning at night when it cools down.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bonnie's first family

Left to Right....Nessie in the back, is Bonnie's litter sister. In the center is her sweet Momma, Akiira, the black scottie. And up front on the right, is Hammish, Bonnie's Daddy. He's much bigger than the girls. There were 4 scotties in the litter, 2 black and 2 wheaties. Bonnie was blessed to have such a good beginning, surrounded by love and family.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day short n tall...daddies all!

Mom helped me make this card for my tall Dad. The first trick I learned when I was a wee baby doglet was to 'take it to Daddy'. When I was knee high to Puffers, I would bring in the community papers to daddy. Then I got big and now I can drag in the Sunday paper! Dad was so surprised this morning when I brought him this card. I signed it and addressed it myself with 'Distress Ink'. Mom say's I love to distress everything in the house, so Distress Ink is right up my creative streak.
On behalf of my clan/pack, I want to send out Father's Day greeting to all the male poppa's in my life. First to my Dad.....Maitlands Hammish the Red..or Hammie as we all know and love your hammie self. I got my pretty coat from Hammie. Then to my tall Dad...he taught me all the tricks I know..and takes me to the dog park and for car rides and long trips and to the beach. He's my pal. He gives me cuddles, treats and belly rubs. And helps me hunt squirrels.
Happy Father's day to Grand Pop too. He doesn't like dogs in the house but he lets me come and visit just the same. We respect each other.
Happy Father's day to my tall step-brothers n brother n law too. You guys make a great clan. Thanks for all 6 of my step-nephews to play with, even the 2 that are too small yet.
Happy Father's Day all you dads out there. I hope you get lots of belly rubs and back scratches today.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Psssst! We have a problem....

I'm feeling better..but Puffers tummy got upset after eating the rice and chicken. And he's white like me...but fluffy. On his bum. He...um....made a mess on his bum and his hind leg. Mom tried to wash him in the little foot tub. Water went everywhere and Puffy got skeered. So he tried to snap. Dad tried to put his muzzle on him, but he was wet n slippy and there was water n soap all over the kitchen floor. Mom said I wasn't helping any running in and out of the water. In the mess, Puffers collar pulled off. Oppsey. Now he's skeered stiff and you can't get near him. Mom put him in my play pen. She just sat it down on top of him. They gave him a yummy with a pill inside. I got a yummy too...just a plain yummy. It's one of those pink pills they give him when they groom him. Mom says it makes everbody happy. I'm happy all the time so I don't get any happy pills. Mom says if I live as long as Puffy then I can have happy pills too. Dad is having a happy beverage. Mom is mopping. Puffy is whining. I think he needs to go Ahhwooot, but he doesn't have a collar or a leash on. We are all just waiting on him to get happier so peace can be restored. Mom said to put 2 collars on him, one for backup. Dad said he's getting him a harness tomorrow. Sigh....sooo much drama. Puffers is nekked! Time to run FREE. Check back later to see if they managed to get him back in his collar.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You're going to put THAT....where?

Bonnie has been ill for more than 5 days. A really bad stomach upset. Both directions. Did she eat something off the road? Chew up something inside the house? Eat a toad, frog or lizard? Did she pick up some parasite at the dog park? Whatever it is hasn't affected her appetite. That's a two sided sword...she eats...it comes out messy somewhere. And there has been blood in her stool. None of the usual remedies slowed down her GI tract. Off to the vet we go.

Bonnie is very good at the vets. Doesn't bite, snap or snarl. This clinic has about 10 vets. We got a young doc today. She takes a look in her mouth. "My what BIIIGGGGG teeth!" I don't think she had ever seen a Scotty before, much less a wheaten scotty. She goes..."I've never seen a BLONDE scotty before." Yeah honey, what color are your roots, hmmmm?

The vet tech took Bonnie's temp and pulled a stool sample. All of which invaded her very private parts. She doesn't like anyone messing with her bum. She will sit on it. Even when we tried to gently wipe her hiney this week, she'd clamp her tail tight to her bum and sit down. When a scotty clamps their tails down, it's hard to pry them back up.

Then the vet came in and slapped on a pair of gloves and gelled up her fore finger....Bonnie decided retreat was the better part of valor and headed for the window sill. She wasn't happy with the concept of an internal exam. Don't worry honey....none of us wimmen, regardless of species...enjoys internal exams. Especially the one that begins....bend over!

The end (sorry...that just slipped out) result was no parasites, no blockage, x-ray showed no foreign objects...just some gas in her tummy. She may have some viral thingy going on as she had a bit of a temp. Doc decided to treat the symptoms and see if she gets better. Antibiotics and some anti-nausea medicine and Pepcid AC.

But the BEST part, is she wants me to feed her boiled chicken and rice or boiled beef and rice for a week. Which means Puffers gets to eat that too. Dinner tonight was a treat. The bowls were licked clean and shoved around looking for crumbs. Dang doglets are eating good!

She's kept her tail firmly clampled down since coming back from the vets. Don't be messing with me bum.

The END!


Doesn't this look like a chalk or watercolor rendering?
My son the Marine picked up my camera and took this the other morning. The flash was off and she was a good bit away so it turned out a bit blury. I like it though. I couldn't have done this on purpose if my life depended on it.
Looks artsy. How serendipitous!

In the mean time..it was ARRR-OUTTTT..which part of OUT can't you people understand??

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do.....

....when they come for you!

It's official. At 16.4 people years old.....Puffers is a registered BAD DOG.

It was an accident officer...he didn't mean to bite the hand that feeds him!

Puffers has a crate...it's his special place for the last 16 years. We leave the door open and he sleeps in there and just comes and goes on his own. But lately, he's been having accidents so we been shutting him in his crate when we leave the house. You know how it is when you get older....everything gets weaker, bladders, eyes, ears.

We leave a leash on him all the time now. He's blind and deaf. The leash makes it easier to get him going in the right direction. He can feel vibrations and usually he just follows along behind our footsteps.

The Mr. was putting him in his crate yesterday. He had treats in his left hand and the leash in his right hand. The door to the crate was shut, so he reaches over with his left hand to open the crate. Puffers nose works really good...and he snaps for the treats. The Mr. jerks the leash back, which startled him and I guess made him think the treats were getting away. He snapped really hard and bit the Mr. on that fleshy part between his thumb and index finger. OUCH! Those few remaining teeth made a deep puncture wound. And those teeth aren't in the best shape, but we're trying to leave him a few for eating and protection. And for biting the hand that feeds him!!!

In spite of our first aid, it was apparent this morning that this wound needed medical attention. The Mr. called for an appointment and was told to bring Puffers shot records. I mean....where ARE they? It's not something I keep up with normally. We don't board him so he doesn't need them for a kennel. The Mr. stopped by the vets office and they printed off a copy for him All his shots are up to date. No need to worry about rabies.

Well, that's not why they needed his shot records. The Dr. has to report him as a ... BAD DOG! OMG!!! It's not like he runs loose around the neighborhood. If by some odd chance he did get out, he can only hobble so fast. You can out walk him at a normal pace. The Dr. had to swab the wound and send it off to some animal control type lab to have it tested. I can just see it now.....lady...you have to keep this dog confined at all times. And my home insurance will go up!

So there you have it....the poster boy for BAD DOGS!
You have your junk yard dogs, your fight dogs, attack dogs...and now....your geriatric 16 lb Malti-poo bad boy. Be afraid people.....be very very afraid.
Home guarded by Puffers....registered BAD DOG.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Looking for LOVE in all the wrong places....

Actually, I'm going to the dog park to play....alone....on the little dog side! All the 'men' are on the big dog side. Mom n Dad say it's not time yet, but I still think the guys are hunky. And all those big boys are fun, rough, but fun! Dad says he doesn't want to deal with doggie PMS so I have to play alone. Sigh. Sides, Mom says I can't date anyone that doesn't wear a kilt and that I can't even begin dating till I'm 2 so I might as well stop acting like a little tart. Heck, I don't even know any Scotties that aren't relatives....and Dad said there wasn't going to be any 'insects'. I don't know what he's got against bugs...I love to chase all kinds of bugs. Mom and Puffers and I had a nice walkie today. We went down to the 'pee on rock'. That's what Puffers does every time we walk down there. Mom says I need a brisk walkie before I go to the dog park. Puffers doesn't get to go. Mom says he's too fragile and might pick up something. Heck, I pick up stuf all the time at the dog park....that's one of the things I love about he dog park. Old balls, sticks, stinky stuff. I keep looking for the man of my dreams. I know he's out there somewhere, kilts and all. Maybe I need to learn how to play the bagpipes. I already have the 'come hither' look down pat, I just need a sweet Scottie boy to charm!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let your FunShine!

Well, this scrapbook class just about didn't get done in time....cuz someone did this to the rick rack in the scraproom:

Wonder what little scottie did this? Not the good scottie...must be the evil twin!
She also ate a box of adhesive refills. I'm still missing a whole role of ATG refills.
I wonder if she actually ATE it or just mangled it and left it's crumpled carcass somewhere?

Still have to clean the house.....and I haven't done anything but essentials for the last 2.5 weeks while I've been sick. Off to the store to buy something for supper....when Mom's sick, people can't seem to manage bringing home anything but bread, beer, chips and ice-cream.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sunny with a chance of Bonnie!

It just might be that time of the year again...or soon. You know that girl time? The 'oh man she smells so good' time? Here's visual reminder.

She's been acting a bit ...ummmm...charming? lately. I guess that's better than the 'B' word. She does drive by nips at Puffers and then flops down in front of him displaying her 'charms'. Now...Puffers is OLD...really old...older'n dirt old. He's 16...people years...and I can't count that high in doggie year. He's a Malti-Poo and has been fixed since ....oh...since he bit me! There yah go...bite Momma and she'll have you fixed! Technically, he's a 16 year old virgin. Didn't even know what girls were until we got Bonnie and she had her first heat. Then he remembered. Now, he can't see or hear...but he can still smell. We can usually tell when it's getting close to that time because he starts hanging out near Bonnie. Normally, he hates her! Not just dislikes, we're talking I'd like to see you dead hates her.
And that's not his fault. He thought he was the only dog in the Universe except for his little play group. So along comes this little interloper. Daddy's little girl. And she didn't LEAVE after a couple of weeks. He's had other doglets stay over for a couple of weeks while we doggie sit for friends, but she just wasn't leaving. He got a little mean with her...stealing her food and biting her occasionally. She had these little tiny sharp scotty teeth and she loved to hang on to his ears all the time. He'd take it a while and then he'd SNAP and grumble and walk away. Well, you know what happened. Those little scotty teeth fell out and those BIG scotty teeth grew in.
Then one day she snapped back and took a big ole chunk outta his ear. That sealed it. Girls gotta go! There ain't room in this town for 2 dogs. He hitched up his suspenders and waded in and she did the full 'I'm a Scottish Terrier and I kill for SPORT bub' thing. (If you haven't seen it, there is a LOT of wide open jaw snapping/flashing). We thought we had lost him that time.
But sometimes....love is in the air. AMORE! You're the one GF! And she thinks he's a hunk too during that time. And he does develop a 6-pack cuz he walks around air-hunching! It looks like that time might be soon. You see Bonnie, you see Puffers. She must be smellin' GOOD!