Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pedaling along...

Well, here I am forgetting to Flog...I mean Blog....

The bike and I are becoming good buds. I am up to 45 minutes a day
and usually bike 6 days a week. Why not 7? Well, why not 5?
I'm doing fine with this. Not hating it. I can do 6 miles in 30 minutes.
Not about to take to the open road just yet, but I like pedaling while
I watch Law n Order. Or reading a book or the newspaper.

Let see...other things...hosted a scrapbook retreat down at the
beach this past weekend. Good girlie time. Scrapping, shopping,
drinking, eating, watching girlie movies and walking on the beach
at sunset. Many mojitos consumed. Also LOTS of coffee.
Did some serious scrapping and bonding.

Oh...big news...got the movie SCRAPPED yesterday.
Watched it today. Two words....GIT IT!!!!!
Here's the link:


Great job Wes Thomsen!
I'd nominate you for some kinda award.
Maybe the Grammie Pamie Video Award for 2006.
Sounds impressive. No other contenders at the moment.

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