Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bonnie Tales

What else can that girl possibly put in her mouth?! So far this week it's been 2 ribbon spools, a mini-scrapbook, all the rick-rack, chewed up a storage basket, chewed up the Mr.s' toothbrush, pulled all the garbage out of the bathroom and strewed it all over the house...but my fave, is one of the Mr.s' blood pressure meds...ALTACE! That one caused an emergency trip to the vet $$$ and lots of worry. Right now she's sleeping peacefully on the back of the arm chair. Looks so innocent and sweet. She's due to wake up in about 30 minutes...and she'll be raring to go...zoom zooming around the house....aroooing her scotty aroooooo! Time for play and belly rubs and toss the ball and tug of war and OUT OUT OUT....I need to GO OUT RIGHT NOW so I can stand in the yard and smell the wind and feel the sun. And go squirrel n lizard n birdie hunting. AROOOO!

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