Thursday, November 26, 2009

So much to be THANKFUL for.....

I'm soooo thankful for all my doggie friends and their peeps that have been saying pawreyers for my Mr. He had a stroke 2 weeks ago and has recovered mostly from that. He's lost some vision and is still a little week on the right side. SHE got him a ball to play with but I'm not allowed to chew on it. He squeezes it a lot. She put a bucket of my toys where he can reach them so he can toss them for me. Some times he walks like he has a hitch in his giddy up. He did flunk some echo tests thingy in the hospital and they wanted to keep him and take him to another hospital, but he missed being home so much he checked himself out like it was some kinda hotel or something. SHE is not happy about that. His heart doc said now they hafta get him into another hospital after Thanksgiving to get a defib thingy installed. I guess that's so he won't tell fibs....dunno...whatever it is, it's something they gots to do before he can get a valve job. Maybe he takes the car with him? SHE has to drive the Mr. about these days and says it's like driving Mr. Daisy. He's been on a salt free, sugar free, fat free diet since he escaped from the hospital and SHE says she's lost 5 lbs already. Not that you'd notice. She said she might consider feeding me n Puffy some of this foodibles, since there's nothing in it that would be bad for us either.

I am sooooo happy is he home, even though he has to SIT/STAY according to SHE who must be obeyed. I sit right next to him or over the back of his chair or snuggled up on his pillow when he sleeps. My peep brother the Detective and my peep sissy, Queen Bee, are coming next week when the Mr. has his operation. I can't wait to see them. Queen Bee will make the idiot Marine shape up and take better care of me n Puffy while SHE stays with the Mr.
If you're wondering why I am in my play pen jail thingy, SHE was afraid I would trip up the Mr. when he came home. Until I calmed down, I got stuck in here. As you can see I was jump jump jumping for joy. Then, I just rock climbed my way up the fence and over the top! Nothing was gonna keep be from giving my Mr. soft woofie kisses.
Please keep him in your pawreyers. He has a terrier spirit, independent, stubborn, hard-headed, fiesty, loyal......all the great stuff!
All my love,


TwoSpecialWires said...

We'll definitely keep your daddy in our prayers. In the meantime, make sure he keeps tossing some balls for you. It's good exercise for BOTH of you!

Jake and Fergi xxoo

Ginger Jasper said...

I will purr for your daddy, I am sure he didn't mind you geting out to give him kisses.. Hugs GJ x

Mango said...

Your Mr. sounds like my Master. He does not follow medical advice well either. But being home with you is good medicine and we are grateful to hear that he is up and about. Our thoughts are with your family for continued recovery.


Hamish Westie said...

Hi Bonnie
Well I do like the sound of your Mr., and shall be delighted to consider him an honorary member of the terrier family. So I have my paws crossed that he makes progress in his recovery from that horrid stroke thing. And you must remember to be extra specially nice to all the humans, 'cos all this hospital stuff is very stressful for them.
Cheers, H.

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bonnie
We will be thinking about your Mr - he is very naughty not doing what he is told and we hope your mom is not too stressed!
We know sometimes that humans not doing what they are told causes lots of stress for the other humans!!!
We are glad that you are giving lots of cuddles and we think that is a good idea having your toys nearby so you Mr can be throwing them.
You have to keep him moving!
We are thinking about all of you over here in Scotland - we have a few of these stubborn Mr's over here!
Take care.
Martha, Bailey & Mum xxxx

AmyB said...

I am definitely praying for your Mr. and for the Mrs. as well. I know this has to be hard on her too. Much love and prayers coming your way!


Dory and the Mama said...

We will keep your MR, at the top of your paw/prayer list Bonnie...I am glad that you got to see him, even if he wasn't suppose to check put of that medicine hotel...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our dad broke himself out of the hospital more than once too, guys!
The defibber is a great thing! We're sending LOTS of healing vibes to your dad!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Bonnie, we're so glad to get an update on your Mr. We will keep him and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Agatha and Archie said...

WEll......we are glad that he is home( you know those Marines..tough tough tough and yep just like us terriers) So we will continue woofing for him...and sending lots of kisses to all of A+A

Jazzi said...

I have been wondering how your daddy was doing. It is good to get an update on him. I hope he continues to keep getting better. We will be praying for him. We miss you when you arent around much Bonnie.

Take good care of your mom and dad.

Scottie hugs

Bella the Westie said...

We'll keep praying for your Dad.
I see that you and your Mum are looking after him very well.
Love from Bella and her family (Isabelle - my Mum, she's a nurse -, Pascal, Amelie, Anais and Matthew).

Jake of Florida said...

We're so sorry to learn your Mr. is confined to SIT/STAY and one of those free-of-everything diets. But he is with you and you can give him kisses -- so that's what's important.

We'll keep him in our prayers.

Did you see we had those Thanksgiving people on our bloggie too? They're a tradition at our house. (Thank you Publix!)

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

BRUTUS said...

Hey Bonnie-
Thanks for the update. Hope your Mr. keeps getting better. My grandpaw had a defib thingy installed last year. Don't worry he can still tell fibs pretty good, especially when the doctors ask if he is sticking to his supposedly low-fat, low-sugar diet! We'll keep you and the Mr. in our prayers!

Brutus the Frenchie

Asta said...


I am so sowwy , I didn't know youw Daddi was not well..what wowwies fow youw mom Youw Daddi sounds like a pawfect tewwiew and I suwe hope his spiwit and all ouw good wishes and pwayews and youw kisses and love will make him totally bettew vewy soon.
So you and Puffew got the fleases too? howwid isn't it? I hope you stop the itchies soon you desewve to get back on the big comfy bed else can you give all those lovies to youw Mom and Dad

You will all be in ouw pwayews
smoochie healing kisses
ASTA and Mommi and Daddi

TwoSpecialWires said...

We've been thinking about your Mr and hope he is doing okay. Did he get his defib thingee installed? We hope he's back home and throwing those balls again. Please deliver some healing wiggles and wags from us.

Jake and Fergs xxoo

Anonymous said...


I've been thinking of your Mr and glad to see your update. Give Him lots of kisses. And HER too.

Sending you some Stuart Roo's Roo's,

Cocorue said...

we will be keeping your Mr and also Mrs in our prayers.

i like your sense of humour in light of all this excitement - your Mr sound just like my stubborn dadster and your Mrs has the same funny bones like my mumster

i think we'll get along as we both have quite well trained, we are both quite good trainers, yes????

your new friend,