Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Where to start...or rather why? I thought I would start this so the offspring could catch up with news of the day since catching up with them during the week is so sporadic. Not that there is much to report around here. I am having to drive in to work, which is a royal pain in the tush.
I leave right before 6am to make it to work in time to log on and be in live before 7am. I don't have my own desk, so I have to carry in my manuals and laptop, etc every day. Thank goodness I have a rolling tote for my stuff. And I have to park in a very low parking garage. It gives me the heebie jeebies. I feel myself scrunching my head way down low every time I enter the garage. And it flexes when another car comes in. Feels like a minor earthquake or tremor.
I reallllly don't like that feeling. There is a ton of traffic on the road first thing in the morning...
driving like madmen all over the place. I am wound up like a top by the time I get here every
day. And exhausted by the time I manage to get home around 8:15 pm. However, the view from this cubicle is breathtaking, looking out over a small nature perserve (I think it's a nature perserve) out to the bay. Lots of sea birds and an osprey and dolphins.