Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Aromatic HERBAL MUDBATH Spa Day

I just LOVE a good mud bath. It is soooo aromatic and great for sloughing off dead skin cells. It helps to keep the itchies down. And it's so much FUN! For me, anyways. The Mr. was apalled that his little Princess could actually enjoy getting her feetsies dirty! He's a bit of a priss anyways.

There were a lot of apres' mudbath shampoos at the dog park yesterday. I had an energetic hose down and then a swimmy pool scrub. Then I was wrapped in a warm towel and carried to the truck. When I got home, it took 2 more baths to get 'most' of the mud off. There is still a bit of grey stain around my ears.

But it was sooooo much fun, I was zipping around so fast it was hard to get a good photo. That, and the photographer was laffin ' HER aahh...well, not too much of it..still looks ample to me! It looked like I was leaving jet ski rooster tails sometimes. You can bigify this collagey thingy, if you'd like to see the process to get smooth skin.

Here is a photo of some really dirty girlie panty loons for Mango. Now he can say he has some DIRTY pictures.....teeehheee!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tree Rat Watch

See that slidy door? On the other side is the screen porch or as the hoity toity say in Flori-duh, the lanai. Whatever that means. It's a porch and it's got screen around it. And there is a big ole Live Oak tree over on the right side...and in that tree live a family of SQUIRRELS!!!!!!

There wasn't a doggie door on the porch, so I added one myself one day when I'd had enuff of those tree rats. The Mr. replaced it, I put it back in. The baby Marine replaced it, I put it back in. The Mr. and the baby Marine replaced it 'special' and I put in a 'special door' the next day!
So now it's more like a doggie flap?

Anyways, these tree rats, they like to travel from the oak tree on the right to the palm trees that you can't see, way over on the left of the porch. And they like to hang onto the screen right under the edge of the porch roof.

I hear one now. Soon he'll come in sight.
Can you tell? I'm getting ready to launch myself out the slidy door.
Only problem is, the slidy door isn't open.

I've got a headache.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's toooo HOT for walkies.

This picture is for the Relentlessly Huge...I understand he collects pictures of fanny furries. Girls in pantaloons. Everybody needs a hobby. I wonder if he lets the PeeWee see his collection?

Crazy WOMAN took me for my 3 mile walkie at 5pm was so HOT I thought we'd not make it back home. SHE didn't bring her cellphone and it was obvious by the time we got 1.5 miles out we were both suffering. She couldn't call the Mr. to come fetch us in the truck. So we limped home best we could. I walked on the grassy verge and she switched from side to side of the road to try to stay in shade. We took lots of stop and pant breaks. It had been raining all day and the sun came out and made it STEAMY.

As soon as I hit the front hall, I stretched out on the cool tile. It took me a while to chill out. The Mr. had to bring us both water cuz we were wiped out. She was all red in the face. It's toooo flippin hot....will it ever cool down?

We left Puffy back home in the A/C. That was a GOOD idea. He'd have pased out from the heat.

I'm going to go soak my feetsies in the water bowlie.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fluff up!

First I wanna give a big ole shout out to Lacie for the great shopping tip on where to get a new Wonder Bra (EASY WALK) harness! They had it in the size I needed, S/M, and in my FAVE color, PINK!!!! Lacie...listen honey, it comes in PURPLE too! I'm a rather large breasted girlie, and I need a secure solution for when I go out, keeps everything held in...even me!

I'm not talking to HER (even though it was the Mr. that dropped me off at Miss Debbies on the way to work). That will teach her to send me to spa. I don't think she saw me in the play room with the 3 other doglets having a party after we were poofed, massaged, buffed and treated. Nah, she's not the fast, she couldn't have seen me flirting with that cute Pom. And she didn't give me the WHOLE vanilla Frosty at Wendy's, just 4 licks...big licks, but still, I thought the WHOLE frosty was for ME!

To make up, SHE retreived my new fishy off the top of the fridge where it was sleeping after I had a discussion with Puffers over just whose fish it was and that if he looked at it again, he was a dead dog walking. Can I help it that I just sorta brushed my teethies over his neck so he'd remember next time? He's really forgetful unless you give him a friendly reminder. Ahem. That's all I'm admitting to on that subject.

Now, if ya'll scuse me, I'm behind on my beauty sleep. Going to the spa is sooooo relaxing, you just wanna curl up and snoooozzzzzzzzze.
Have a fun weekend ya'll....I'm going to the doggie park in the morning to see all my boyfriends.
Party Hearty and stay cool.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My NEW sports bra

I went shopping yesterday and got a new sports bra....and I'm not sure I'm going to like it. I had an Easy Walk one but I outgrew it. I got the next size up and it was just too big. It was pretty and red though. This one is a cross your heart kinda getup and it goes under your pits. I'm concerned it might cause chafing or matting (I don't shave my pits...Puffers does, he's metro-sexual after all). Has anyone had any experience with this brand? It's called Canine Concepts. SHE says if this one is no good or bothers me, she'll see if she can get the Easy Walk one altered at the...get this....sail shop!!!!! The black leash is new too....kinda flimsy if you ask me....I'm thinking the first squirrel that crosses my path, this think is gonna snap and I'll have squirrel for din-din.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Puffy's Bath Day!

Cujo Lives! Actually, it's just Puffers doing his best to look menacing. Dude...yer wet n nekked! Maybe if you snarled a little with yer 3 remaining toofers, you'd scare someone, but not me!
Bathing Puffy is an ordeal and that's just deciding on WHO has to do it. First the Mr. n She argue for 2 weeks over who and when. Then the Mr. 'forgets' its bath day several times. Finally She has a hissy fit and suddenly it's today. It starts off with a happy pill for Puffy and a stiff drinky for the peeps. Then it's scrubby dubby time and snip n buzz all the mats out.

After his haircut, Puffy got his nose stuck under the sofa and stayed there till supper time. I think he was trying to squish flat and slide under there and hide. Maybe he's part Ostrich and thinks if he can't see you, then he's all hidden out of sight? Or maybe he's just senile and goofy.

I, of course, slept through the whole drama with the mama thingy.....way too much whining, growling, yelping going on....and that was just the Mr.!

I prefer going to the groomers where I get cookies and I'm treated with respect like the swift warrior princess that I am. Plus I like the way Miss Debbie makes my nails shine when she buffs them.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Public Service Announcement

It is the time of the year when we have I am posting this for all ya'll folks that live in the cone of death areas (not to be confused with the dreaded cone of humility).

Hurricane preparedness for your pets :
Most public shelters do not accept pets. Therefore, it is crucial that you make plans ahead of time. Staying with friends or relatives in a non-evacuation zone is the best option.
Another alternative is to stay in hotels in a non-evacuation zone that are "pet friendly." Be sure to call ahead for reservations since they fill quickly.
And finally, if you can't find arrangements to stay with your pets, call a veterinarian office or boarding kennel to see if space is available.

If you leave your pets behind...
Be aware that your pets may not survive.
When frightened, they can escape through damaged areas or broken windows. They can die from exposur, contaminated food or water, or be run over by a vehicle.

If you don't have to evacuate...
Pets will be safest in a crate or carrier during the storm.
If your house is damaged, they could escape if not in a secure place. Once escaped, there will be no normal landmarks or scents, and they may not find their way home.
If you bring plants in your house, keep them away from pets since many plants can be poisonous.

After the storm...
Check the pets surroundings.
Walk your pets on a leash until they become familiar with their home again.
Check food and water for contamination.
Watch for downed power lines and other dangerous debris.
If you lose power, don't allow your pets to be around candles or oil lamps.

Pet Evacuation Kit
Collar, tags and sturdy leash
Medical records, current photo, immunization information
Food and water (minimum of two-week supply)
Ziplock bags for treats, toy, etc.
First aid kit
Pet carrier
Cat litter, scoop and pan
Plastic bags for waste
Paper towels for messes
Brush or comb
Muzzle, if necessary
Mark all belongings with identification

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's been a while...

...SHE was out of town for a while and SHE took my laptop with her! I think she just needs to get one of her own. This one matches the inside of my ears. It's very important to be matchy-matchy. Us girlies have to keep up our appearances, especially when you are a bearded lady. It's been either too hot for walkies, or too rainy to go out. I've only got to go to the beach ONCE last week. And it was with the Mr. He doesn't let me chase stuff or read pee-mail or rest on the paw-k benches like SHE does. It's more like a forced march. It's just move it out and come back...3 miles in 45 minutes. wee little legs are only 4 inches long! And he's a full 6 feet tall....I have to take way more steps than he does just to keep up. I've been to the groomers and I am feeling much more civilized. My nails are buffed and my ummm....important parts...are trimmed and squeaky clean. Then I got to hang out with HER friends for an afternoon of girly time. They even let me sit at the table for nibblies. We had wally-melon and sherbert and mojitos. Then it's been RAINING. She says I can't be a true scottie cuz I hate the rain and it's either drizzling all the time in Scotland or fixing to rain. I HATE getting water in my ears! I even have a raincoat but it doesn't help. So I stand under the eaves and refuse to go out. SHE picks me up and carries me out in the yard or down the street, but I just flatten my ears and head back to the house as fast as I can. Silly old Puffers just waddles out and does his bidniz right away. He doesn't mind getting wet and stinky. But his ears don't stand up either...he's gots those hangy down kind. Needless to say there have been some 'mysterious piddling' in the house. I try to blame it on Puffy...he's old and has a weak bladder I say. Not me...and I roll my eyes. But I got caught this morning. SHE reached under and checked my girl bidniz and it was still wet! Note to self....sit down quick after stealth piddling and wipe the evidence off. Can I just say here that I don't appreciate having my private parts invaded by inappropriate touching! Hmphff! I'm not speaking to SHE right now. I think the feeling is mutual though, I heard her muttering something about having to mop the floors twice in one weekend was not endearing myself to her and that she had just cleaned the living room carpet 3 weeks ago and washed all the throw rugs last week. Can I help it if the rugs are more comfy for my bidniz than going outside in the rain? Just let me tell you if SHE had to go outside and squat in the rain, she'd be getting her hiney in the house and hunting a rug lickety split! She even shoved us both in the crates today when she had to run errands and said since she couldn't prove who was doing what, we could both just park ourselves in lockup till she got back. Cruelty I tell you....what Puffy? No...I don't have to tell everyone she gave us treats and a new chew bone....shhhhh....I'm trying to get across the idea that we are mistreated! Puffers is such a snitch!! Well, I need to get some beauty sleep....the Mr. and I are going on a long walk at 6am tomorrow. It's just too hot on the feetsies to go any other time and if you wait till evening....guess what?'s RAINING!