Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, I started a blog and got busy and forgot to update it!
I'd think of it from time to time, but with the migraitions going on at work and everything else, I just forgot to update or add to it. It's not a work of art or a work of heart either...yet.

It might be someday worth reading. For now, it just exists out here in cyber-space taking up bits on someone's server.

OK, then, I suppose I should make an effort to keep updating it. I'm just not crazy about putting a lot of personal info on the web. You know...the 'public names and public faces are often seen in public places' idea.

My mom used to tell me that about people writing on bathroom walls. I think she meant it in as a negative warning.
I never developed a penchant for writing on bathroom walls, signs, graffiti or any kind of public statement.

I'm working on making the change.