Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arrrooooooss to Brutus the Frenchie!

Lookie what came in the mail today!!!   A reallllllly cool t-shirt from by BFF (Brutus Frenchie Friend), the wee Brute!  Isn't it COOL??!!  I won the GABE drawing contest thingy he did on his bloggie! 

It's got MY picture on it and a saying that is soooooo me...GOT SQUIRRELS?  He even sent HER a t-shirt too.  I was surprized they made em that BIG!   Her shirt was supposed to be short sleeved and they sent her a long sleeve when she called em to arrange a return, they told her to keep the long sleeve one and they'd send her the short one free!   SCORE!  

She was having an awful time taking my photo cuz the squirrleys were everywhere today!  Front yard, neighbors yard, side yard......and they wind me up like a top.  

I'm fixin' to launch myself at the palm tree in front.   I keep trying to scale it.

Not today though.   Lucky little vermin got away again.
I'm LOVIN' my new t-shirt.
It's from Cafe Press and they gots bunches of Scottie tees.
This is size LARGE, and it fits perfectly if any of you other stylin' Scotties need to know the size.

Thank you soooooo much Brutus! 
Yer my BFF!!!



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a doga stretch

SHE does this clicker thingy...

So it's sorta like push ups?
Except I get bored when the treats run out.
I mean, who wants to work for free?

I convert the sit thing into a doga stretch.
Stretch out my back feetsies
and then just do the
push up thingy.

It's the spirit of the exercise that counts, right?
If my skirt was longer she'd never notice
cuz it would hide my feetsies.

I'm going back to school soon.
For some reason my behaviour at the vettie office
was less than stellar.
Bratty was the word she used.

I prefer to use the term 'thinking for myself''. good friend Digby is very ill.
Please put the power of pawreyer to good use on his behalf.
You can stop by and leave a word of comfort to
his peeps....the font and mongoose here:

sniffies till next time,

Bonnie the wee Scottie

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In plain sight!

Can you see me?
I can hide on the beach, in my front yard which is covered in sea shells and anywhere it's white.

This is at the dog park BEFORE the skin problem.  I am on the big dog side, you can see some of the larger dogs in the distance.  I actually like this side better.  Some smaller doggies are intimidated by my enthusiasms.   Here are some photos of me on the little dog side:

Even the basket hound is giving me some space.  The little Maltese could hold her own though.  We had some fast zoom zoomies.   At first SHE was afraid I thought the Maltese was a bunny rabbit and worried I would catch her.  But she left me in the dust!   That was one fast pooch!   I've never hurt anyone, but sometimes the owners get concerned that I am too boisterous and strong.  

There were 2 weenie doggies there that day and this one was nice and polite, but the other one kept barking n growling and snarling at everydoggie.   Reminded me of Puffers so I ignored her.

This is me hoovering up something I probably shouldn't have.  My snooter is right down at ground level anyways so snagging a ground treatie is very easy.   Mystery muffins.

And this oh so not glamorous photo is me cooling my belly in the grass.  Again, probably not a good idea in a bark park.  Ditto the mud bath I took a few days later.  

My rash is not clearing up very well cuz I'm having a hard time tolerating the aunty buy aught icks.  They make my tummy feel icky all right and then I loose my lunch all over the floor about an hour later.

A little update on the Mr.  He was back in the hospital this weekend and now is sporting a new defibber thingy.  It's also a pacemaker/defibby combo thingy with all kinds of bells n whistles.  SHE said its a new shock collar for the Mr. If he doesn't behave she can send him a signal and zap him!  Truth or consequences!
I guess he got caught telling fibs one time too many. 

I see there are new puppies on the net, Katie n Bertie....and Becky from Rocky Creek is going to be on a bloggie too.   Any other puppies showing their cute little button noses around the bloggisphere?   Welcome little ones!  

Lots of soft woofies kisses to every doggie!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Expen$ive $pa Day?

So what is this?
It's my BELLY!
With bumps n missing skin n stuff.

Well, some of the bumps are supposed to be there, KWIM?
But not the icky irregular ones.

After a nice round of expen$ive tests at my least fave place, the vettie office, it is determined I have a $taff infection.   Possibly from the lovely mud bath I had a couple of weeks ago at the bark park.  Possibly not. Maybe from some lovely dried tasty thingy I hoovered up off the street during a walkie.

No parasites, no fleas or mites.
Not itchy either. 
Just another lovely $aturday morning at the emergency vettie place.

The only good thing is I get to have a Greenie Pill Pocket everyday for 3 weeks. You gotta get yer treaties where yah can when they got you on diet kibble! Of course, I don't get to go to the bark park till I heal up.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Is it the Easter Bunnie???

It's the Easter Bonnie!
I have all 4 off the floor zooming over to play with my Great Dane friend.
I hafta zoom, he strolls.

She hid my treats in a basket full of tennis balls.

I don't want the t-balls now, silly woman, I want the TREATS!
But maybe I will save this picture in case another
cracker dog insane terrier photo is needed.

More, please?

SHE stepped up the treat delivery a little.
This basket is tall, deep and narrow.
And the treaties are waaaaay at the bottom, under tennis balls.

Digging deeper......

Got em!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and lots of treats!
Maybe a stuffie or two.