Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

I liked the way the Rocky Creek Scotties honored their dog dads.
Here is a picture of MY Dad,  Maitlands Hammish the Red.
Don't I look just like him?
Well, not quite as big, but I'm pretty big compared to some Scotties.

That's my mom beside him and my sister in the back.
I'm spending the weekend at their house.
It's like a big Scottie reunion.

There is my mom, dad, litter sister, half sister, and another sister.
The last 2 sissies are staying over while their owner is in school.
And another hunky guy.
More on that later. 

There are 7 Scotties!!!
Sounds like the title to a murder mystery.
And there are a couple of other doggies and some horses and miniature horses and a burro.

I am having sooooo much fun, I'm not wanting to go home.
There are RULES at home.   And schedules.   And leashes.  And no Scotties.  Or dogs of any kind.
Just me.

Well, there is my Mr.
Him  I like.
SHE is the sticky wicket,  the rule maker, schedule checker, 
And SHE took Puffy off somewhere and he never came back.
It's allllll her fault that I was sad and lonely.

I'll be back next week with more fun stories to tell.

Bonnie - rolling in the Scottie fun!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going for a ride in the car-car!

It's summer!  Vacation Time!
And I've got places to go and things to do.
Notice I am strapped into the seat belt system?
Well, a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't...and the Mr. had
to stop quickly....and I like....didn't!....and mushed
my snooter into the A/C vents.

So....SHE hauled my fanny up to the big box pet store and got this:

And I HATES it!

I can't get up in the front seat with the Mr.
Leave it to HER to ruin ALL the fun around here.
Ms. SAFETY FIRST...schmurst.

I can barely put my leggies over the edge.

And I want to SEE where I'm going!
It's important to know where you are at all times.
You need to check for landmarks.
If you can't SEE where you are going, they might
be able to drop you off at the
groomers...or the vettie,
and you'd never know unless you can see.

You need to know these kinds of things so you
can work up a HUGE head of
steam for those places before you get there.

See the big hairy arm?

THAT's where I want to sit.
It's the perfect size for my petite wee self.
And I can lean my chin on the Mr.'s shoulder.
And give him soft woofie kisses.

But nooooooooo!

SHE's got me stuck in the back seat.
And I'm not liking it one bit.