Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering the US War Dogs

While we honor and remember
the men and women who gave their lives
for our freedom,
let's also remember the brave
dogs that served.

And if you would like to foster a pet for someone
deployed to a war zone,  you can check this website:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Walkie time!

Finally, SHE remembered to bring a flashy box on a walkie!
This is where I live.
It used to be ALL  like this until they built big ole houses on
the beach.

I like to walk with my Mr.
He doesn't care anything about all that HEEL and walking
the Cesar Millan way.
He just likes to go on walkies. 
No rules.

Lots to sniff about.
Crabs scuttling along the edges of the water.
All kinds of little holes to stick yer snooter in,
kinda like starter digging holes.

Let's take the road less traveled.
THIS way!

We'll do it your way this time.

Off road?
You sure?

There might be somethng tasty under here.

I just love walkies at sunset.
Nice cool breezes.

The beach is full of wildflowers this time of year.
SHE forgot to take photos of them until the end of the walk.
Here's a cluster of black eyed susans.
Lots of those.

SHE needs to work on her camera skills.
Sun flare from the sunset.

Ok, all done.
Let's go to the pizza place now.
It's on the way home.

Oh...wait...SHE says I hafta splain that our beach isn't a gulf beach.
It's a BAY beach. 
We live on the inside of Tampa Bay,
so our beach is wild,
not touristy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wanna SEE em?

Yep, the dreaded bows are back.
But if you want to see them, you better look fast......

Cuz no stinkin' bows are gonna get the best of ME!

Watch closely now, while I show you how to remove those rascally bows.

Start with the 'rub your head on the carpet really fast' move...

Then add some sideways fast spins leading with your noggin...

Then ease into a back roll.....

And do a LOT of's a lot easier if your leggies are
longer, and not 4 inch stubbies.

Are they gone yet?

Are you sure about that?
Lemme see....


Can someone please FEED me?
I'm all worn out fighting these bows,
but I did get rid of ONE of them.

Feed me and I'll tackle the other one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

There were GREAT days....

This post is all about Puff,  told by HER.

Puffers loved going for boat rides, so much that we had to spell B-O-A-T and even then he'd head for the locker where his life jacket was kept. Dancing in circles all the way.   Once he fell overboard in his excitement to talk to a pod of Dolphins where there were 3 immature dolphins. We were so afraid he'd get hurt, but they whole pod just circled around him,  nudging him to keep him afloat until we circled back to pluck him out of the water.   He could hear dolphins and sea turtles and manatees and would hang off the rail whimpering to them long before we could see them.

We'd take him out to the island every nice day after work. It was his dog park.  He'd run around, swim, sniff at stuff and make friends with everyone that came out to watch the sunset.

He washed up fancy, but generally was a mess, since he loved being in the water and swimming and rolling in the sand.   We'd just hose him off on the dock and let him roll in the grass to dry.   That, plus he HATED being groomed. 

Puffy belonged to the Idiot Marine, who named him Wolverine when they both were puppies.
Wolverine/aka Puff, loved playing rough house with the boys.   Nothing was ever too rough.
This photo was taken right before the IM left for his first tour of Iraq.  

He was even friends with the Mr., although they'd both deny it.

And like most things the children out grow, he became MY friend.  Once he threw himself in front of me and a large Chow,  who promptly picked him up by the scruff of his neck and tried to shake him to death. 
Puffy the Braveheart.   

I hope Ms. James doesn't mind that I modified her quote.  I forget what it origially said. 

But then,  there were sad days.   Pain, confusion, desperation, hopelessness....

On one of his last days with us,  Bonnie gave him 2 of her toys.
Snuggled them right up next to him.
Normally she wouldn't let him walk past her toys.

And then, there were no more days.
17 years go by so fast.

And my heart is broken.

I hope you are swimming with the dolphins now.