Monday, December 28, 2009

Quickie Mr. Update!

Just a quick update to let everyone know the Mr.'s cardiac ablation procedure was a success and he now has rhythm. Watch for him on Dancing with Stars or that other dancing show. I am hoping he will be home by New Years Eve...we gots bowl games to watch on the biggie TV.

Lots love to everyone!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

What the....?????

Look at this!!! I don't know where he came from, but if his snout shows up in this house, he's one dead dog walking! How come HE gets to stay with my Mr.??? And I don't! There is just something wrong with all that. I'm gonna grab him by the scruff of his well groomed neck and just give him a wee shake.

Bah Humbug.
I have not had a very Merry Christmas....although SHE did come home Christmas night and stay with me n Puffy. And she gave us nice pressies and nummer cookies. But there wasn't any ham or turkey or dressing and we were lonely. She's been staying with the Mr. And the idiot Marine has been sorta taking care of us, but only the BAREST of doggie care.

My Mr. is going to have another surgery thingy in the morning. They had to call in an electrician or something like that and She says they are gonna shock each heart chamber to try and get him some rhythm. Please keep him in yer pawreyers for a bit more?

SHE wants to let everyone know she has enjoyed following everyone's Christmas antics and good wishes. The hospital has wifi, but it's v e r y s l o w......and she said we will get back to posting once things have settled down a bit.

All my best wishes for a great new year for everydoggie bloggie!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Mr. Update

Just a quickie....she blows in and outta here like the wind. I've spent so much time in my crate, I rebelled yesterday and tossed my cookies and marked my spot in my crate. yuckkkie. I've never done that before....I DON'T LIKE STAYING IN THE FREAKIN CRATE THIS MUCH!!!

Anyways, the Mr. is having a bit of trouble....something about tackie rythems.....(he can't dance at all, so we knew that!)...and blood pressure too low ....and wanting to shock his heart. He's a bit queasy from the meds and they won't let him eat anything....she says he's getting grumpy and when he's grumpy he doesn't want to play nice.

If you could keep him in your pawreyers a bit longer, I'd be ever so appreciative.

In the meantime, somebody send me a hack saw so I can bust outta here.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

An update on the Mr.

If I could zoom zoom around the world and give everyone that pawrayed for my Mr. a soft woofie kiss, I'd be off n runnin' like the wind right now!

I am soooo happy to report that his valve replacement surgery was a success! During the operation the Dr. discovered the other valve wasn't doing so hot either, so he fixed that while they had the Mr. in the operating room. He was awake around 5ish today and by the time She and my bros and sissy left tonight, the nurse had him sitting up for a bit. They hope to move him out of the CV ICU by tomorrow afternoon if everything goes as well as it is right now.

soft woofie kisses to the world,


peesessss....SHE wants to say something.

"We are so incredibly blessed by the outpouring of kindness and love from all the doggie bloggie friends. We thank you so much for your prayers for the Mr.'s surgery and recovery. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy your family and friends, 2 legged and 4 legged."

Pam and Rich aka SHE and Mr.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo shoot....shot...not...pooey

How to have a PERFECT photo shoot for a splendid Christmas card.

Take one well behaved Scottie....(hahahahhahaaaaa)

Add one cute hat....

Take lots of photos of same Scottie who turned into a whirling dervish.

She finally wore herself out.

Not that the photos improved any.

Sometimes it's just a bad hat day.
For those that have stuck with us this far, I have a Mr. update. He doesn't have any blockages, etc that would require stints or surgeries, but will be having a valve transplant this Friday. They wheeled him straight from the Cath lab to CV ICU. He isn't the most compliant patient, so the ICU nurse had me take his clothes out to the car. He wants to check himself out and do this in 2 weeks. It's soooo not happening. Anyways, if you could keep him in your prayers for good surgery this Friday, I'd really appreciate it. Because he's gone so long and kept putting this off, its now a high risk surgery.
Bonnie will be back to her regular updates soon.
Thanks so much for your kind support,
Bonnie's support staff

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So much to little time!

So much to do.......gotta shop for pressies, find the cards, address and mail them, bake cookies and fruit cakelets, decorate the tree and the house, unpack the Christmas china...oh wait, the Mr. is checking into the hospital tomorrow for more tests. My world is just turned upside down! I guess all the Christmas stuff will hafta wait a bit.

Here's out wee little sad tree. She got it last Wednesday at the grocery store. They were about to run out of trees so she got the Marine to help her haul it home and get it setup. While he was getting it all squared away, Puffy decided to water it. They had to hose it down before they brought it in the house. It was nekked for her Saturday Christmas party. It's a good thing she's got friends that thought it was fun to have a nekked tree. Two of her friends gave her some ornaments as pressies. Good thing. Sunday she bought some lights for the poor little thing, but not enough. The lights only covered up 2/3 of the tree. Yeah, there are lights and ornaments in the attic. More on that below.

And there it sat for 2 more days. Lights 2/3 of the way up the tree. It would probably get done quicker if I did it myself.

Here is out pitiful tree with lights all over and the same 2 ornies. Lame. See, the Marine was supposed to get the stuff out of the attic. He saw 'something' skittering in the shadows and decided retreat was the best part of valor. He hates creepy crawlies. Doesn't mind going to war and living in the dirt, but nothing that 'skitters'. He did manage to grab the tree stand on the way down the ladder.

Guess what time it is? It should be my time to actually DATE a real live breathing hunk of Scotlands best....the terrier named after the country. But is on hold.

I'm gonna leave ya'll with a parting shot of a come hither look.....sigh....that's all it is, a look.

Wishful thinking.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's MY Barkday!!

Today is my barkday! I am 2 years old! Finally! Now I can DATE!!! For real! The Mr. promised when I was 2 I could get a real boyfriend. However, SHE says not to get my hopes up so soon, cuz the Mr. has to be all better before I even start flirting. She is such a spoil sport.

I have lots of things to catch up so this will be a hodge podge bloggie update.

First there was the....ummmm.....flea incident. She thinks the idiot Marine let us walk in the neighbors yard and they have large outdoor doggies. Somebody got a flea while she was with the Mr. in the hospital. Somebody shared the flea with ME! I got the major itchies. Puffy too. We convinced the IM that he didn't need to brush us while she was gone. Well, as you can see from this photo, the mats got out of hand with all the nibbling and scratching. My beardie is all over the place. Last week she spent 2 days combing us out slowly and then hauled my fluffy fanny off to the groomers for a flea dip, clip, etc.

Look! It's the dreaded bows again! Can somebody explain why the groomers over accessorize? I mean, bows or bandana, but not both. Makes me look like a cross dresser on steroids. And people, please, pay attention to the color of the collar and leash? Pink/purple plaid does NOT go with with Christmas red and green.

All dressed up for Christmas....for about an hour. Then the bows mysteriously dissapeared.

Puffy even got his hairs all cut off. Washed, dipped, treated. It was an all day adventure. She did it herself. Can'tcha tell? Ragged Andy looks better. We still have some itchies. She's hoping it's cosmic fleas, but just in case, she's treating the carpet around our beds and crates with Borax tomorrow. And re-washing all the bedding.

Did you watch the end of Monk? I did. I love watching TV with the Mr. I bark at that kitty litter commerical, you know the one where the kitty recruits the bloodhound to sniff out the litter-box? I just proves how blonde I can be sometimes. I even go look behind the TV when the kitty walks off screen. Blonde to the bone.

Here's a fanny furry shot for all you hunky guys! Did you know I have these adorable dimples on each butt cheek? You can only see them when I'm fresh from the groomers. My fanny skin is black so they really show up nice, don't you think? Eat yer heart out guys!

I've done lots of theraputic snuggling with my Mr. She even put the bench back at the end of the bed so I can hop up without him having to lift me up and down. It's important to stay close to him and protect him when she's busy. He's going in the hospital next week, so please keep him in your pawreyers for me.

She got me a new party dress to wear Saturday when the ladies come over for their Christmas party. I have to help be the hostess, and clean up all the crumbs and greet everyone. I can't wait to see all the ladies.

My REAL Birthday Suit, no collar, harness....just Bonnie-lischisnous!

Somebody blow out the candles so I can eat my cake!!

I even shared my yuummy cake with Puffy. I can be nice sometimes. After all, someones making a list and checking it twice.