Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Something came in the mail for me Monday....a PRESSIE!!!

See it's addressed to me.....right there....Bonnie Love....and it's from my BFF  Jazzi!!
OPEN it all ready!

Oh....this SMELLS yummy!  Lets' see what's in here.   Looks like some scrappy stuff and fabric...and a bright yellow chicken!    You might not know it, but I have a secret obsession with ribbon spools.
I love to roll off the ribbon and then eat the spool. 

But this little SQUEAKS!  How fun is that.....?

And it's all MINE MINE's going in my squeaky pile.

If you push on its belly,  it makes the nices little squeak.
Definitely a keeper!

What else is in here?   Something smells delish down in the bottom.

Ah hah!   GOT IT!!!    A BONE!!!!  
See ya'll later.....I got some serious chewing to do!

Oh wait....

I gots to pick out some toys to share with Jazzi when she gets here.

Do you think she'd like to snuggle with this guy?

He's nice and soft and a real push over.  

I got the maid to tidy up the guest bedroom for Jazzi....I think
she'll like the girly covers....don't you?

Hurry up Jazzi!   Can't wait to play!!!!!  


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Angus....and what I did on my vacation!

Isn't he HANDSOME?!
I FINALLY got to go on a DATE!
This is Angus.
He's red brindle..with lovely Mango-lishious stripes on his
back and sides.
Not that you could get him to look any
other direction than at ME!
As it should be of course.

The only problem with dating, is after 15 minutes of ..FUN?!..I was
over it and done.
Ok, I want to go play with the girlie scotties now.
Which part of NO don't you understand.
(When a girl says no....she sits down and stays down!)

He  kept insisting that I sucumb to his manly charms.
He even RIPPED my harness off trying to get
me to stand up and 'dance' with him!!!

After 4 days of playing with my sisters and mother and
basically ignoring Angus,  Miss C called and
told my peeps to come get me.

What can I say...?  I was expecting
Not man-handling!!!

I think I'd rather play than date.
I'll let you know in a month if there is going to
be any 'blessed events'.

What else have I done this summer?

Well, when I came back from my family reunion....
the Mr. hauled me off for a wash
and a trim
the dreaded BOWS again!!!!!

At least this time they are pawple:

They were on briefly.
Like, 10 more steps into the house...
and they were

Then I did a LOT of this:

I was sooooo tired when I came home,
I slept for 2 days.

Then we did some of this:

That's my peep bro...the Detective!

And this is his youngest pup:

Even my Mr. got into the puppy tossing:

But he kept it safe on the sofa.

I didn't get to go to the beach.
Can you imagine it?

There is just something wrong with ME not getting
to go out on the beach too!


I think we need to unite.
Dogs should get to go on all vacations
with their famililes.