Thursday, November 26, 2009

So much to be THANKFUL for.....

I'm soooo thankful for all my doggie friends and their peeps that have been saying pawreyers for my Mr. He had a stroke 2 weeks ago and has recovered mostly from that. He's lost some vision and is still a little week on the right side. SHE got him a ball to play with but I'm not allowed to chew on it. He squeezes it a lot. She put a bucket of my toys where he can reach them so he can toss them for me. Some times he walks like he has a hitch in his giddy up. He did flunk some echo tests thingy in the hospital and they wanted to keep him and take him to another hospital, but he missed being home so much he checked himself out like it was some kinda hotel or something. SHE is not happy about that. His heart doc said now they hafta get him into another hospital after Thanksgiving to get a defib thingy installed. I guess that's so he won't tell fibs....dunno...whatever it is, it's something they gots to do before he can get a valve job. Maybe he takes the car with him? SHE has to drive the Mr. about these days and says it's like driving Mr. Daisy. He's been on a salt free, sugar free, fat free diet since he escaped from the hospital and SHE says she's lost 5 lbs already. Not that you'd notice. She said she might consider feeding me n Puffy some of this foodibles, since there's nothing in it that would be bad for us either.

I am sooooo happy is he home, even though he has to SIT/STAY according to SHE who must be obeyed. I sit right next to him or over the back of his chair or snuggled up on his pillow when he sleeps. My peep brother the Detective and my peep sissy, Queen Bee, are coming next week when the Mr. has his operation. I can't wait to see them. Queen Bee will make the idiot Marine shape up and take better care of me n Puffy while SHE stays with the Mr.
If you're wondering why I am in my play pen jail thingy, SHE was afraid I would trip up the Mr. when he came home. Until I calmed down, I got stuck in here. As you can see I was jump jump jumping for joy. Then, I just rock climbed my way up the fence and over the top! Nothing was gonna keep be from giving my Mr. soft woofie kisses.
Please keep him in your pawreyers. He has a terrier spirit, independent, stubborn, hard-headed, fiesty, loyal......all the great stuff!
All my love,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pawreyers please?

My Mr. isn't doing very well. She got up in a tither today and hauled him off to the people emergency vet place. We didn't get brekky although she told the idiot Marine to feed us and walk us. He's had a stroke...and SHE said it wasn't anything like me getting a stroke from my Mr. I'm very lonely. Puffy's not much company. He sleeps a LOT. And the idiot Marine went back to bed and forgot all about us. She finally came home a while ago and fed us after yelping at the IM. She's going to be at the people vet center thingy for a while and asked if I could ask all my doggie friends to have their peeps pray for my Mr. I sure miss him.
And maybe her too.

Friday, November 06, 2009

I've been sickly....

I've been sickish this week.
From this end.

And from this end.

I ran a fever and SHE had to stay up with me one night.

I understand Puffers cracked my password and was updating bloggies while I was sleeping.
Don't believe a word he says.

He may have tried to poison me. Or I could have eaten something I shouldn't or maybe licked the ant poison or one of those gel pack thingys from a new shoe box.

Anyways I am starting to perk up and feel better. I managed to sneak in some zoom zooms today around the house today.

Things have really been hopping while I was gone. Jake n Lacie dancing all night, Fergi went on a date too, Dexter had some tutoring and skeered Mango, Brutus got a big ole box of snackies and Hamish had a very lovely walkie. There has been a peace campaign launched and a strike against posing for photos. It seems the world is passing me by while I flop out in front of animal planet on tv.

I hope to drop by and update bloggies this weekend.
See you soon on your site.