Friday, June 19, 2009

Psssst! We have a problem....

I'm feeling better..but Puffers tummy got upset after eating the rice and chicken. And he's white like me...but fluffy. On his bum. a mess on his bum and his hind leg. Mom tried to wash him in the little foot tub. Water went everywhere and Puffy got skeered. So he tried to snap. Dad tried to put his muzzle on him, but he was wet n slippy and there was water n soap all over the kitchen floor. Mom said I wasn't helping any running in and out of the water. In the mess, Puffers collar pulled off. Oppsey. Now he's skeered stiff and you can't get near him. Mom put him in my play pen. She just sat it down on top of him. They gave him a yummy with a pill inside. I got a yummy too...just a plain yummy. It's one of those pink pills they give him when they groom him. Mom says it makes everbody happy. I'm happy all the time so I don't get any happy pills. Mom says if I live as long as Puffy then I can have happy pills too. Dad is having a happy beverage. Mom is mopping. Puffy is whining. I think he needs to go Ahhwooot, but he doesn't have a collar or a leash on. We are all just waiting on him to get happier so peace can be restored. Mom said to put 2 collars on him, one for backup. Dad said he's getting him a harness tomorrow. Sigh....sooo much drama. Puffers is nekked! Time to run FREE. Check back later to see if they managed to get him back in his collar.


Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures said...

Our Mom hates it when a naked, wet dog gets loose in the house. Soon all will be well once the happy pill and happy drink take effect.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

AmyB said...

Your posts crack me up everytime I read them. I think what makes them so funny is that even though you are writing about your dogs, I could be writing the exact same thing about my children!