Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do.....

....when they come for you!

It's official. At 16.4 people years old.....Puffers is a registered BAD DOG.

It was an accident officer...he didn't mean to bite the hand that feeds him!

Puffers has a crate...it's his special place for the last 16 years. We leave the door open and he sleeps in there and just comes and goes on his own. But lately, he's been having accidents so we been shutting him in his crate when we leave the house. You know how it is when you get older....everything gets weaker, bladders, eyes, ears.

We leave a leash on him all the time now. He's blind and deaf. The leash makes it easier to get him going in the right direction. He can feel vibrations and usually he just follows along behind our footsteps.

The Mr. was putting him in his crate yesterday. He had treats in his left hand and the leash in his right hand. The door to the crate was shut, so he reaches over with his left hand to open the crate. Puffers nose works really good...and he snaps for the treats. The Mr. jerks the leash back, which startled him and I guess made him think the treats were getting away. He snapped really hard and bit the Mr. on that fleshy part between his thumb and index finger. OUCH! Those few remaining teeth made a deep puncture wound. And those teeth aren't in the best shape, but we're trying to leave him a few for eating and protection. And for biting the hand that feeds him!!!

In spite of our first aid, it was apparent this morning that this wound needed medical attention. The Mr. called for an appointment and was told to bring Puffers shot records. I mean....where ARE they? It's not something I keep up with normally. We don't board him so he doesn't need them for a kennel. The Mr. stopped by the vets office and they printed off a copy for him All his shots are up to date. No need to worry about rabies.

Well, that's not why they needed his shot records. The Dr. has to report him as a ... BAD DOG! OMG!!! It's not like he runs loose around the neighborhood. If by some odd chance he did get out, he can only hobble so fast. You can out walk him at a normal pace. The Dr. had to swab the wound and send it off to some animal control type lab to have it tested. I can just see it now.....lady...you have to keep this dog confined at all times. And my home insurance will go up!

So there you have it....the poster boy for BAD DOGS!
You have your junk yard dogs, your fight dogs, attack dogs...and now....your geriatric 16 lb Malti-poo bad boy. Be afraid people.....be very very afraid.
Home guarded by Puffers....registered BAD DOG.

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Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures said...

Our Mom thinks the doctor is ridiculous!! He needs to be realistic about the situation. Dog bites happen if you own dogs. It's not always that the dog is being vicious. Sometimes the owners hand, leg, foot, etc is just in the wrong place at the wrong time and your skin is softer than our teeth.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java