Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You're going to put THAT....where?

Bonnie has been ill for more than 5 days. A really bad stomach upset. Both directions. Did she eat something off the road? Chew up something inside the house? Eat a toad, frog or lizard? Did she pick up some parasite at the dog park? Whatever it is hasn't affected her appetite. That's a two sided sword...she comes out messy somewhere. And there has been blood in her stool. None of the usual remedies slowed down her GI tract. Off to the vet we go.

Bonnie is very good at the vets. Doesn't bite, snap or snarl. This clinic has about 10 vets. We got a young doc today. She takes a look in her mouth. "My what BIIIGGGGG teeth!" I don't think she had ever seen a Scotty before, much less a wheaten scotty. She goes..."I've never seen a BLONDE scotty before." Yeah honey, what color are your roots, hmmmm?

The vet tech took Bonnie's temp and pulled a stool sample. All of which invaded her very private parts. She doesn't like anyone messing with her bum. She will sit on it. Even when we tried to gently wipe her hiney this week, she'd clamp her tail tight to her bum and sit down. When a scotty clamps their tails down, it's hard to pry them back up.

Then the vet came in and slapped on a pair of gloves and gelled up her fore finger....Bonnie decided retreat was the better part of valor and headed for the window sill. She wasn't happy with the concept of an internal exam. Don't worry honey....none of us wimmen, regardless of species...enjoys internal exams. Especially the one that begins....bend over!

The end (sorry...that just slipped out) result was no parasites, no blockage, x-ray showed no foreign objects...just some gas in her tummy. She may have some viral thingy going on as she had a bit of a temp. Doc decided to treat the symptoms and see if she gets better. Antibiotics and some anti-nausea medicine and Pepcid AC.

But the BEST part, is she wants me to feed her boiled chicken and rice or boiled beef and rice for a week. Which means Puffers gets to eat that too. Dinner tonight was a treat. The bowls were licked clean and shoved around looking for crumbs. Dang doglets are eating good!

She's kept her tail firmly clampled down since coming back from the vets. Don't be messing with me bum.

The END!

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Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures said...

We girls are sympathizing with Bonnie but our Mom is laughing because she's experienced the clamped Scottie tail syndrome before.

Hope Bonnie gets to feeling better soon..

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java