Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waiting for Dad....a sixth sense.

For years, I thought Puff had extraordinary hearing. He would go to the door about 10 mintues before Dad came home and park by the front door. I thought maybe he had super hearing and could pick out the sounds of his car miles away. Never mind we live in a community subdivision and there are other cars, dogs, trucks, boats and noise all around. But still...you could almost start flinging the food on the table when he did this. Just like in the photo above. He's not wanting out....he's sitting quietly waiting.
Now, before you think, oh he's on a schedule....the Mr. doesn't work a normal schedule. He alternates 2 shifts and sometimes works late and other times has activities after work. And sometimes we swap vehicles.
Well, he got old and lost his hearing. And we got Bonnie and it was like he gave up his guard dog position of primary barker. But still....there he is....waiting by the door. How does he do it? I know this dog can't hear. The only sound he can hear is when Bonnie does this high pitched bark. I took this photo yesterday because he did it around 4pm-ish. And the Mr. walked in 15 minutes later. Very early for him. It's very very spooky.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

It makes you wonder how they work.

Have a fantastic day,

Abigail said...

A few years back they did a study in the UK and dogs really can scene their humans coming home. They changed the arrival time and drive path, yet everything the pooches knew. Gives you warm fuzzies doesn't it.

Asta said...

That's weally weally cool..obviously he is a wondewful supew doggie who loves his Daddi
smoochie kisses