Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sunny with a chance of Bonnie!

It just might be that time of the year again...or soon. You know that girl time? The 'oh man she smells so good' time? Here's visual reminder.

She's been acting a bit ...ummmm...charming? lately. I guess that's better than the 'B' word. She does drive by nips at Puffers and then flops down in front of him displaying her 'charms'. Now...Puffers is OLD...really old...older'n dirt old. He's 16...people years...and I can't count that high in doggie year. He's a Malti-Poo and has been fixed since ....oh...since he bit me! There yah go...bite Momma and she'll have you fixed! Technically, he's a 16 year old virgin. Didn't even know what girls were until we got Bonnie and she had her first heat. Then he remembered. Now, he can't see or hear...but he can still smell. We can usually tell when it's getting close to that time because he starts hanging out near Bonnie. Normally, he hates her! Not just dislikes, we're talking I'd like to see you dead hates her.
And that's not his fault. He thought he was the only dog in the Universe except for his little play group. So along comes this little interloper. Daddy's little girl. And she didn't LEAVE after a couple of weeks. He's had other doglets stay over for a couple of weeks while we doggie sit for friends, but she just wasn't leaving. He got a little mean with her...stealing her food and biting her occasionally. She had these little tiny sharp scotty teeth and she loved to hang on to his ears all the time. He'd take it a while and then he'd SNAP and grumble and walk away. Well, you know what happened. Those little scotty teeth fell out and those BIG scotty teeth grew in.
Then one day she snapped back and took a big ole chunk outta his ear. That sealed it. Girls gotta go! There ain't room in this town for 2 dogs. He hitched up his suspenders and waded in and she did the full 'I'm a Scottish Terrier and I kill for SPORT bub' thing. (If you haven't seen it, there is a LOT of wide open jaw snapping/flashing). We thought we had lost him that time.
But is in the air. AMORE! You're the one GF! And she thinks he's a hunk too during that time. And he does develop a 6-pack cuz he walks around air-hunching! It looks like that time might be soon. You see Bonnie, you see Puffers. She must be smellin' GOOD!

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Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I could have written this post - the same thing happens at our house!! Our old Lab, who was fixed eons ago, tries to get feisty when the gals go in heat. And our young Scotsman goes absolutely bonkers.

Gotta love those Scotties!!