Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day short n tall...daddies all!

Mom helped me make this card for my tall Dad. The first trick I learned when I was a wee baby doglet was to 'take it to Daddy'. When I was knee high to Puffers, I would bring in the community papers to daddy. Then I got big and now I can drag in the Sunday paper! Dad was so surprised this morning when I brought him this card. I signed it and addressed it myself with 'Distress Ink'. Mom say's I love to distress everything in the house, so Distress Ink is right up my creative streak.
On behalf of my clan/pack, I want to send out Father's Day greeting to all the male poppa's in my life. First to my Dad.....Maitlands Hammish the Red..or Hammie as we all know and love your hammie self. I got my pretty coat from Hammie. Then to my tall Dad...he taught me all the tricks I know..and takes me to the dog park and for car rides and long trips and to the beach. He's my pal. He gives me cuddles, treats and belly rubs. And helps me hunt squirrels.
Happy Father's day to Grand Pop too. He doesn't like dogs in the house but he lets me come and visit just the same. We respect each other.
Happy Father's day to my tall step-brothers n brother n law too. You guys make a great clan. Thanks for all 6 of my step-nephews to play with, even the 2 that are too small yet.
Happy Father's Day all you dads out there. I hope you get lots of belly rubs and back scratches today.

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Bonnie are just as cute as a button!!! I am sure that your human dad was quite pleased to be at the receiving end of such a great card!! Thank you for visiting our blog!!! Hope you all are feeling better.

xoxo and aroos,
Doogie and Fee
(maw Becky, too)